Stuffed Plush Unicorn Mommy with Babies


5-in1 Unicorn Stuffed Animal Bundle, featuring a plush mommy stuffed unicorn with 4 adorable baby unicorns tucked in her zippered belly.

This stuffed unicorn plush will be a giant surprise for 3+ year old girls, making it an instant hit.

Soft, Loveable and Cute as Heck, these big unicorn toys for girls will be the plush toys your daughter will never put down.

They are super soft and comfy, great for cuddling and amazing companions for travel, play or sleep.

Best Birthday Gift Ever! Our unicorn plushie with the hidden unicorn babies makes the perfect gift for girls age 3-8 who love cute stuffed animals.

These soft small animal toys will make any unicorn-loving girl beam with delight.

  • Ideal for kids 3 years old and older. 
  • premium soft materials
  • vibrant colors
  • designed to hold up well to the wear and tear of kids' play

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