Pomkinz Rainbow Unicorn Set

$29.99 $39.99

The Pomkinz unicorn plushies are the ultimate collection to adopt! 

Each Pomkinz is made a little different, but that's ok! 

Meet Us! 

Addison: Ever heard of "head in the clouds" or "away with the fairies"? That's how Addison gets described. She would paint the world with rainbows and fairy dust over everything she could. 

Betsy: The best thing ever, according to Betsy is being let loose with glitter, a craft gun and ribbon!

Suki: Suki is a shy girl, who worries about all types of things. Suki is an expert secret keeper, tell her any of your worries and they'll go away! 

Spencer: Spencer thinks he's Bear Grylls, he loves adventure and just struggles to sit still! 

Our Pomkinz comes with an exceptional bag that is fully lined, detachable strap and a great size to carry tablets, ipads, and water bottles.

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